Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body (muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue) to enhance and maintain physical, circulatory and neurological well being. Many types of muscular dysfunction, pain and stress can be reduced by therapeutic massage therapy. There are many different techniques and modalites used to achieve the desired outcome. Your RMT will discuss which modalities that are suitable to your specific concerns.

Kelly Minogue


All appointments include: Assessment, Treatment, Homecare and creation of a Treatment Plan

All my treatments are available in a 60 min length.  This allows time to really understand what your treatment goals are as well as discover how massage therapy can truly assist your health care journey.  We do offer 90 min appointments, please contact via email or text to schedule as these will be booked as the first or last treatment of the day.  

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Pre & Post Natal Massage Therapy

Pregnancy is such an individual experience.  From new aches & pains to an ever changing body, this time in your life is a wild ride.  Massage Therapy is incredibly beneficial for all parents to be in many ways - we can help decrease discomfort from new postures as your body grows, relieve stress as well as maintain muscular health.  We have significant experience with many pregnancy specific issues ranging from high risk, to multiples, to low risk.  We have worked with many clients experiencing home and hospital births. This treatment is booked as 60 minutes to ensure we are able to address all musculoskeletal issues. 

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